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Halifax County Sheriff's Office has 10 unsolved homicide cold cases and 2 missing person cases

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Halifax County Sheriff's Office has 10 unsolved homicide cold cases and 2 missing person cases. These families deserve closure.

Team Cold Case is offering a reward of up to $15,000 for any information that results in an arrest of the person(s) responsible for the homicides or location of the missing individuals.

If you have any information on any of the below cases contact Team Cold Case at 252-406-6736. ALL TIPS REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

If your love ones photo is not included and you would like to submit one, you can email it to info@ncfightingcrime,com


Susan Clary – 05/16/1983 On Monday May 16th, 1983 Susan Clary was expected at work. After failing to report to her job as the clerk for the town of Weldon a family member went to her residence to check on her. Susan was found in the bedroom of the home strangled. Mrs. Clary was married and pregnant at the time of this offense.

Timothy Noah Hendricks - 06/12/2004 On Saturday the 12th of June, 2004 Timothy Hendricks had just arrived at his house in Enfield with two of his close friends. The three sat outside the house for a period of time before deciding to go in the residence and cook something. After being inside for a short period of time Three males dressed in all black came busting in from a back bedroom. Timothy’s two friends were handcuffed and struck in the back of the head with a firearm. The males then took Timothy outside and shot him multiple times.

Julius Brinson – 08/17/2014 On Sunday the 17th of August, 2014 Julius Brinson was visiting a friends house in the Enfield area. While visiting his friend there was a knock at the door and four unidentified black males entered the residence with robbery as a motive. Julius Brinson was shot and killed by one of the males while two others beat and shot his friend in another room. The fours suspects fled the scene on a 90’s model green Honda Accord.

John Ausby – 12/16/2019 On Monday the 16th of December John Ausby was located in a wooded area off of Sycamore Street in South Weldon. John had been shot somewhere else then carried to this location and left. John Ausby was originally reported missing to the Weldon Police Department a week prior and was last seen dropping off his grandchildren after babysitting for the day.

Tyquan Moody – 02/13/2021 On Saturday the 13th of February 2021 Tyquan Moody was at home with his grandmother in the Everettes School road area. An unknown assailant or assailants entered the residence Where Tyquan Moody fought them before ultimately being shot. His Grandmother Mabel Johnson was struck over the head with a blunt object and knocked unconscious.

Bernice Smith – 06/06/1983 On Sunday the 5th of June 1983, 23 year old Bernice Smith left her parents’ house in Scotland Neck with the intent of going to a local store/hangout location. Bernice Smith was seen by multiple people walking through the town of Scotland Neck Sunday evening and early hours of Monday Morning. On Monday the 6th of June a farm worker traveling down Bakers School Road found Bernice lying in a ditch on the side of the road. She had been struck multiple times in the head with a blunt object.

Christopher Brown – 01/06/1989 On Friday the 6th of January 1989, the body of Christopher Brown was located in the woods down a path in the Scotland Neck Area. Christopher Brown had been shot in the head, and had a trash bag tied over his head. He had last been seen the night of Sunday January 1st, 1989 by associates. The crime scene was never discovered.

Margaret Moody – 04/21/1988 On Thursday the 21st of April 1988 Margaret Moody was found by friends in her Carolina Rest home road residence Shot multiple times. Margaret was still alive when friends found her and expired shortly before law enforcement arrival. There were no signs of a break-in and Margaret Moody was alone in the residence.

Wilbert Caine - 11/24/2006 Caine was in Scotland Neck in Halifax County, NC around 830p.m. on 11/24/2006 when he was robbed and ordered to go to a neighbor's house.

The suspect also robbed the neighbor. When he left the house he and the neighbor were shot. Caine did not survive his injuries.

The alleged gunman was in a dark colored SUV with a chrome grill.

Jeffrey Cotton - 8/13/2011 Investigators responded to a call at "Club Dreams" on Highway 158 at 1:45a.m. in Littleton, NC in Halifax County on 8/13/2011. When they arrived, they found Jeffrey Cotton shot in the back.

He died from his injuries.


Amy Bridgeman - 06/29/2013 On Saturday the 29th of June Amy Bridgeman was reported missing by her husband who had last seen her in the early morning hours of Monday June 24th at a friend’s house she was visiting in the South Weldon Area. While at the residence, she walked outside to meet someone and never returned. No one at the residence saw whom she was meeting.

Lacy Bunch – 12/20/2020 On Sunday the 20th of December 2020 Lacy Bunch was at his residence in the Enfield area in the early morning hours. He suffers from dementia. His sister heard the front door of the residence shut around 6 am, when she got out of bed and noticed that Mr. Bunch was gone. Mr. Bunch left the residence without a coat or shoes, and it was sleeting the night of this incident. Mr. Bunch also left without his glasses, money, or his ID. Mr. Bunch’s residence in located in a wooded area and several searches have been done involving multiple agencies and resources.

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