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On December 9, 2006 around 6AM, 24-year-old Shonda Renee Stansbury arrived at a Waffle House in Roanoke Rapids near interstate 95 where her sister worked. Shonda appeared to had been beaten with bruises that covered her face and legs, and there was a swollen knot on her temple.

Shonda got a ride with a customer who was well known to her and requested that he take her to West Side Trailer Court in Roanoke Rapids. Shonda lived in the trailer court with some of her friends. Once Shonda was dropped off, she was never heard from again.

Shonda’s mother, Gloria, filed a missing person report on December 14th, 2006 at approximately 10:15 AM. She was concerned because Shonda would contact her on a daily basis and she had not heard from her in several days.

The same day her mother took out the missing person report, a woman contacted 911 at approximately 11:28 PM to report that she saw two men chasing a woman who had no clothes on and was screaming for help, the caller believed it was Shonda. She stated that she was being chased behind a convenience store near the woods off Highway 158. The caller hung up before the dispatcher could ask her for her name and other information. Investigators eventually traced the call and located the witness a couple days later. The witness advised detectives that she was familiar with Shonda and was certain it was her. Again, she advised that she had no clothes on and had blood dripping from her mouth and she was screaming for help. The witness was scared to stop so she waited until she got home to call police.

The witness described the two men as black males. The first man was between the ages of 28 and 32, (would be between 42 and 46 now) stood approximately 5’8 in height, had large, muscular arms and a stocky build, and had a dark-complexion. He was allegedly wearing denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and a baseball cap. It’s likely that he may have been bald. The other man was described as having a light-complexion, stood approximately 5’6 in height, had a medium build, and dreadlocks. He was said to be wearing Timberland boots, jeans with patches on them, and a brown/light brown oversized button-down shirt.

Investigators questioned the convenience store employees and they advised they never heard anything and they also investigated the area and found no prints, disturbed brush or evidence that Shonda was there.

In January of 2008, over a year after her disappearance, several people reported that they saw Shonda in Wilson County. Some claimed to have confronted her, but Shonda never contacted her family as they had told her to do. Investigators searched in Wilson County and followed up with leads and turned up empty handed.

Shonda has not used her Social Security number anywhere in the United States since her disappearance.

Police suspect foul play in this case.

Governor Pat McCroy issued a proclamation for a $5000.00 reward in the case several years ago.

Team Cold Case is offering a reward up to $15,000.

If you have ANY information contact Team Cold Case at 252-406-6736. All tips remain anonymous.

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